Beauty Tricks of Air Hostesses to keep it stylish in Long Flights


Sweatpants, top knots, Crocs. We aim to dress up quite comfortably when it comes to boarding a flight. After all we ain’t no celebrities girl, you can doll up while we lay. However, there’s a group of non-celebrities who manage to look all glamorous even after 16 hour long flights and that set is Air Hostesses. While it is so difficult for us to look our best after braving the long security checks and other formalities, air hostesses look groomed and presentable all the time. So how do they manage it? On my recent trip  I managed to ask a group of Flight Attendants in Emirates flight about how they do it. I expected some weird looks but they were really polite and told me some of their tricks 🙂  Check out the tips if you want to make it to the end of the flight in Style.

1.  Hydration is the key

Flight attendants swear by drinking lots of water. They’re taught in their training to keep it low on Caffeine and drink a lot of water to sustain the dry air cabin pressure. An Air Hostess told me, she once drank around  four liters of water on a 16-hour flight.

2.  Investing in a Good Foundation

Air hostesses believe in finding that one foundation that is as close to your natural color as possible to make your skin appear smoother.

3.  Lip Balm

Lipsticks can be very drying in the flight environment. Cabin crew always keep a lip balm with them to keep their lips moisturized. I bet this is why we don’t see any Air hostesses with dry flaky lips.

4.  Coconut Oil

  Most Flight attendants swear by coconut oil. It is a natural moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated and can also be used as a makeup remover.

5.  Lip Liner

They make sure to reapply lip liner and lipstick regularly, specially after drinking or having a meal or napping. They do get nap breaks if the flight is 10+ hours long.

6. Post flight Face Mask

They swear by relaxing face masks after long flights. They believe that face masks help rejuvenating tired skin from long flight.

7.  Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is really important for the sleepless flight shifts. You don’t really wanna drop that coffee on a passenger while you’re half asleep. Moreover it helps in preventing any Dark Circles.

8.  Light Diet

Air Hostesses believe in keeping it light to combat the bloat. They avoid heavy meals while flying. However they do try to keep their schedule and feed on time.

So those were some tips I managed to gather from some of the beautiful ladies. Let me know if you liked them. Do lemme know if you have some of your own tips too to keep it stylish in a long flight 🙂 .

So, what do you think?