10 Best Budget Friendly Fashion Tips

Getting that Tom Ford dress and Christian Loubotin pumps might instantly make you feel hot but you can’t deny that feeling when you find that Vintage boutique piece that’s really unique and easy on your wallet too. You don’t need a big bank balance to feed your inner fashionista . All you need is shop smartly and responsibly. Are you a budget babe like me ? Then check out these budget friendly fashion tips to know how you can look Chic on the cheap .

10 budget friendly fashion tips

1. Know your style

What is your style ? Bold or Subtle? Edgy or simple ? Would you like to turn heads with shocking neons or keep it elegant with creams and peaches. Or you would experiment with both rather keeping it monotonous.
Learn what your style is and then you can make clothing decisions that you won’t regret. Better not to buy  a piece that you don’t have the courage to wear but bought just because it is ‘IN’.

2. Opt for simple pieces without too much hardware

Affordable fashion brands can’t really afford to do quality embellishments . Its better to opt for  a simple bag or clothes without too much embellishments or zippers that simply cries cheap. If your piece does have studs, zippers and chains , check for the quality . You don’t want that paint coming off the buttons of your bag and make your whole ensemble look discount store.

3. Browse through magazines , Pinterest and Fashion blogs

Find out what you like. Check out the fashion magazines , look for new styles on Pinterest and pin the outfits you would really wanna wear . Follow Fashion blogs to see if you really like some particular styles . Keep them in mind the next time you go shopping .

4. Keep the fabric in mind

Don’t shun yourself completely from the big stores. Check out stores like  KAZO , ZARA and Guess. Look for what fabric they’re using. Try to find your clothes in lookalike fabric from discount store. Cotton and Linen clothes look expensive even if they aren’t . Opt for Georgette instead of Chiffon for those flowy dresses and tops.

5. DIY for that unique style

Personalize your clothes with that unique style of yours . Want that torn jeans at Calvin Klein but its too expensive. Copy the look , distress your own jeans with some quick online tips and get the CK look without spending an extra dime.

6. Accessorize

Bored of that little black dress that’s like 4 years old? Time to play with your accessories . Create multiple looks with your accessories. Add a big statement neck piece or a metallic gold belt. There’s so much you can do with accessories so stock ’em good.

7. Trends change like seasons

Trendiest pieces are the first to go out of fashion . You can be a fashionista and sport trends but invest in items you really love and would want to wear for a long time.

8. Know the sale season

There have been so many times when i got a piece at its full cost only to find it at half price the next time at sale. Do your homework. While shopping online, search all the sites where you can get an item for the least price. Like those red INC.5 pumps? Google the style and check the images. Buy from the online store that is reputed and is offering you for the least. Beware of the fake websites as well.

9. Wrinkled clothes look inexpensive

Iron those shirts and trousers. Don’t go out partying in that wrinkled dress . Wrinkled clothes look cheap so keep that iron next to your wardrobe.

10. Branded must haves

Don’t want everything cheap and want a good branded piece? Get that Michael Kors watch or bag if you really want to have a high Fashion piece. Invest in Sunglasses , Bags and Watches rather than clothes. You can sport those pieces everyday for years. A flea market shirt and Max trousers with a Guess bag can never cry inexpensive.
So that sums it up . Its not too difficult to look your chic best while on a budget. Let me know if you find these tips useful. Do post some cool tips you might have as well , after all no one regrets saving an extra penny.

So, what do you think?