‘Diamonds By Me’ For Me


My love for jewellery is eternal. I have a fascination for things that last forever. I still wear the ring that my husband gave to me 6 years back on my birthday when he was my boyfriend. Then, I have one which he gave on Valentine’s  Day and the one from our wedding of course. These rings remind me of those moments and our ever growing love that is getting stronger as we’re getting older.

I also feel that when it comes to jewellery more is more.  I truly believe in investing in statement jewellery like a big ring or pendant. The kind of ring that is big enough that you don’t need to pair it with any other accessories to complete your look. The best thing would be to find such jewellery at cheap prices.

I recently came across Diamonds By Me and found the most gorgeous jewellery at cheapest prices. I was finally able to fulfil my desire for Statement ring after coming across such gorgeous designs for so cheap.

The best part is that you can design your own jewellery. I picked a ring and customized it to have White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow gold. Recently I’ve garnered interest in colored stones. Since I already have few Diamond rings, I opted for my birth stones which are Peridot, Citrine and Ruby.

I ordered the above ring and Diamonds by Me sent me a dummy ring within the next few days, to confirm the size and get the feel of the ring. Unfortunately the size I gave was a little too small for me. The people at Diamonds By Me were so nice that they sent a dummy for the next size. This time the dummy fit perfectly.

My ring came within the next few weeks and once it arrived I couldn’t help but share it on my Insta stories all day that day. At Diamonds By Me you can also design your own pendant or earrings. The jewellery is made of finest material that come from legitimate sources. The jewelry is made with great care and it shows when you wear it. Thank you so much for reading! xoxoxo


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