If Walls Could Talk – L’Hotel Paris

It may be the last home of Oscar Wilde but the smallest 5-star hotel in Paris, L’hotel is much more than a Fin de siècle relic. Happy New Year to all of you my loves! How have you guys been doing? My sister visited me for Christmas and New Year so we had been travelling all around Europe during the last few weeks. Paris was the first on her list (obviously right!) and we had an amazing sister only time during the 3 days in Paris.

We received the opportunity to stay at the opulent boutique hotel L’Hôtel, on Paris’ arty Left Bank and it was sooo worth it! We reached Paris early morning around 7 and were so tired from our commute from Amsterdam that we didn’t want to wait another 3 hours to check in but knew that it was inevitable. Bless the concierge, to our surprise, we were invited to our room right away!

Vintage decor, winding staircase, and the whole ambience, it all felt as if you’ve stepped into a movie from the 20s.  The room was tastefully decorated with luxury furnishings and had an authentic Parisienne charm. Every room is decorated differently and it’s like a trip to the museum. The hotel was the final resting place of the Irish author, playwright and poet Oscar Wilde and he wrote most of his prominent work here.  You could find his portraits and paraphernalia in the room named after him.

The hotel is also equipped with a private pool (Hamman Pool) and Steam Room which probably were the best part of our stay. You could book the area for 1 hour and enjoy private sessions. It was just what we needed to relax after a long day of travelling in Paris hopping from one site onto another.



L’hotel is also home to the Michelin starred restaurant Le Restaurant which is one of the most seductive and romantic restaurants in Paris. The breakfast included a variety of options from pancakes to seasonal fruits.


Le Bar stocks top-shelf alcohol and is a beloved of the French capital’s style set. You could see celebrities’ photos hanging on the walls such as Keanu Reeves, Mick Jagger and Robert Deniro. The bartender told us that Keanu Reeves stayed at the hotel 3 weeks back. Too bad we missed having drinks together(Oh we are buddies, don’t you know? ).




A quiet hotel in St Germain and real close to The Louvre and all other famous attractions. The staff is very accommodating and you really enjoy your time here.


  1. Lokendra Pal Singh
    February 19, 2018 / 11:26 AM

    Lovely pic.

    • ShradsBlog
      February 19, 2018 / 11:27 AM


  2. DJ
    January 31, 2018 / 9:23 PM

    A kinda dream stay . . Realy a Fantacy kinda hotel . . The L . .Healy a heritage kinda palace . . bt v kno dat coz f you

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