When in Rome

Roman Forum6

So, Prashant and I are planning a trip next month and the place looks pretty much like Rome. Well I won’t tell where exactly we’re travelling to (lemme give you a sweet surprise 😉 ) but this reminded me that I still have a pending post from Rome. So before I bombard my Instagram from all the pictures from ‘surprise-surprise’ , I wanna share these  pictures from Rome from our last day in Italy.

It was a hot hot day in Rome and I wanted to keep my cool (and look cool :p ) so I opted for this white dress from Primark . It also looks pretty Roman paired with these Gladiator sandals 🙂 . I think this outfit looks pretty apt next to these giant Roman pillars and ruins .  What do you think? Lemme know in the comments below 🙂

Dress : Primark

Neckpiece : H&M

Gladiator sandals : Acne Studios

Roman Forum

Roman Forum5

Roman Forum

Roman Forum8

Roman Forum2

Altare della Patria

Altare della Patria

Roman Forum7

Roman Forum



inside colosseum

Inside the Colosseum

gladiators    Roman Forum3

rome at night

Rome at Night


So, what do you think?