Satin Jungle


I love Satin as a fabric. Its so soft , smooth, glossy and light weight. It gives you an unmatched feeling of luxury and feminine sensuality. I own a number of clothes in Satin, be it night wear or evening dresses. Even my pillow covers are satin(they help prevent wrinkles;) ).

Today I’m wearing a Satin Gown and I love everything about it. It’s Animal Print in an elegant way, nothing too flashy, thus perfect for an evening date or any Formal event. But who am I kidding, I’m obsessed about animal prints. Anything Leopard catches my attention and disappears off the shelves in seconds. I’m an Animal Print hoarder you can call it. But I do feel it’s not appropriate for every occasion. They have a reputation of being too gaudy and casual. Thus I like how this dress manages to be the print yet still so classy. The print is not so obvious on the Ocean toned dress. Thank you so much for reading. Hope you all have a great weekend 🙂 .

Dress: Globus
Shoes : Van Haren
Accessories : I am









So, what do you think?