Victoria, Canada

beautiful girl in garden
Merry Christmas to all my beautiful friends out there. Make sure to make the most of this day. Eat, sleep, relax or go out. Just be happy because it’s a happy day 🙂 . 2 weeks back I shared a post about my road trip from Calgary to Vancouver. Here’s another post about our next stop from Vancouver. We visited Victoria city which  is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off Canada’s Pacific coast. Arriving to Victoria included a 30 minutes ferry ride which was a really fun experience. Watching the ocean, the mountains and the jumping Dolphins was the  time to cherish.

Victoria itself was a beautiful thriving city . According to Numbeo it is in the top twenty of world cities for quality-of-life. The city has beautiful gardens, various museums and a unique range of shops, cafes and restaurants. This place had a unique vibe to it compared to other Canadian cities. It felt so British, maybe because it was a British colony. Victoria being the capital of British Columbia should explain this.

I wore this beautiful floral dress from Globus. This is one my favourite dresses. It’s cool, comfy yet girlie. I paired this dress with my yet another favourite item – Catwalk wedges. These shoes would fetch me so many compliments every now and then. Too bad they’re almost dead. Gotta get some new wedges next summer.

Merry Christmas again everyone. Eat loads of cookies and enjoy your day  🙂

Dress: Globus

Shoes : CatWalk

Sunglasses : Oakley

beautiful girl in garden

The British Columbia Parliament Buildings Victoria

ocean model shoot

 victoria canada ocean

flowers beautiful girl victoria canada ocean model shoot

 ravioli in victoria  model shoot ocean  Flower baskets on lampposts fashion shoot on ferry couple phoot mirror reflection

victoria canada

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